Young Artist Division

Not offered in 2024


Yelena Mamonova, Chairperson


Application Form in Word Format

Preliminary Adjudication Form Word Format

Final Round Adjudication Form Word Format 


Application & Preliminary Round deadline:  May 22, 2023

Application Fee:  $85.00

  • This must include a YouTube recording
  • Competition Application (downloadable copy is provided above)
  • Preliminary Round Adjudication Form in Word Format (downloadable copy is provided above)
  • A valid membership
  • Application fee, which need to be submitted via PayPal, Venmo or a personal check
  • Division Code YA (age group codes are listed below)

If submitting the application late (no later than May 27), Late Application Fee is $115.00

Final Live Round:  June 3, 2023

Final Round Fee: $110.00

This will be held at the Raritan Valley Community College

Final Virtual Round:  June 4, 2023

Final Round Fee: $110.00

This will be conducted via Zoom or Skype.  A schedule and Audition Link will be sent ahead of time.

Winner's Recital:  June 25, 2023

Recital Fee:  $170.00

This will be held at Merkin Hall, Kaufmann Center, NYC


This Competition is designed specifically for GIFTED students who are ADVANCED FOR THEIR AGE

The program must consist of four STYLISTICALLY CONTRASTING works:

  1. A work from the Baroque Period.  (If performing a Prelude & Fugue from the Well Tempered Clavier, both pieces are required)
  2. A work from the Classical Period*. (This must be either a fast movement of a Sonata or Sonatina, a Rondo, or a set of Variations)
  3. A work of any other style. (Romantic, Impressionistic and Contemporary, not Jazz, Pop or Broadway)
  4. A Miniature work.  (This piece must be either 1.5 minutes long, or 1 page long)

*Classical period:  Schubert is considered Classical Composer only if it is a Sonata, all other works are considered Romantic.

Simplifications and pieces from Method Books will not be permitted.  All pieces need to be memorized. There is no time limitation for the auditions, however for the winners’ recital, pieces should not exceed 12 minutes.


The applicant must list all four pieces, even though for the preliminary round, the competitors are only required to perform two pieces.  Incomplete applications cannot be processed, and a late fee will have to be paid.

An email with instructions will be sent before the final round to either a teacher member or individual member.  These instructions must be read and followed VERY carefully. This information pertains to the repertoire requirements, copies of the scores, and fees.  Those who fail to comply with our instructions will be disqualified.


Age Code
4-6 YA-I
7-8 YA-II
9-10 YA-III
11-12 YA-IV
13-14 YA-V
15-16 YA-VI
17-18 YA-VII


YouTube Recording: One work from the Baroque period and one work from the Classical Period*.  (Please exclude Beethoven’s Fur Elise, the First Movement of the Moonlight Sonata, Mozart's  Rondo A la Turk as well as Pachelbel's Canon)

RECORDING REQUIREMENTS: The video must have clear sound quality.

The email with the YouTube video link must be accompanied by the following:

  1. Performer's name, age and membership number (if applicable)
  2. Teacher's name and membership number
  3. Division name and code number
  4. Composition name, Opus numbers, key, etc.
  5. Composer's name
  6. Performance time


Contestants are required to perform all four works during this round.