Chow, AmandaS-VI-B7:30 PMHonorable Mention05/25/2013Prokofieff: Contradance, Opus 96, No. 2
Chow, DanielS-III-B7:30 PM 05/25/2013Bach: Gigue from Partitia No.1 in B-flat
Corcoran, JaxynYA-II7:30 PM 05/25/2013Khachaturian: Two Funny Ladies Have An Argument
Duan, AndrewS-IV-A7:30 PM 05/25/2013Mozart: Twelve Variations on "Ah, Vous Dirai-je,
Gupta, TakshS-I7:30 PM 05/25/2013Petzold: Minuet in G Major BWV Anh. 114
Hsu, GabrielleS-V-B7:30 PMSilver Prize05/25/2013Verdi/Liszt: Rigoletto de Verdi, Paraphrase de co
Hu, ClaudiaYA-V7:30 PMHonorable Mention05/25/2013Schubert: Impromptu No.3 Opus 142 in B-flat Major
Huang, AdrianYA-II7:30 PMBronze Prize05/25/2013Haydn: Sonata in C Hob. XVI No. 21 Presto
Huang, EthanYA-III7:30 PMSilver Prize05/25/2013Bach: Prelude and Fugue in B-flat Major WTC Book I
Jiang, ConnieCW7:30 PMGold Prize05/25/2013Bach: French Suite No. 5-Sarabande, Gigue
Kennedy, NicoleS-II-B7:30 PM 05/25/2013Tsintsadze: Georgian Dance
Kuznicki, MatthewS-I7:30 PM 05/25/2013Attwood: Sonatina in D
Li, GordonS-II-B7:30 PMBronze Prize05/25/2013Chopin: Nouvelles Etudes; No. 1 in f minor
Li, TinaS-IV-A7:30 PMSilver Prize05/25/2013Clementi: Sonata in G Major, Opus 25, No. 2, Alleg
Liu, AliceS-II-A7:30 PM 05/25/2013Tchaikovsky: Sweet Dream Opus 39
Narimanidze, TinatinS-I7:30 PM 05/25/2013Beethoven: Sontina in G, First Movement
Ouyang, SarahYA-II7:30 PMHonorable Mention05/25/2013Gillock: A Witch's Cat
Qin, PaulineYA-IV7:30 PMBronze Prize05/25/2013Schumann: ABEGG Variations, Op. 1
Rees, ChloeS-III-B7:30 PM 05/25/2013Mozart: Sonata in C Major, KV 330, Allegro Moderat
Scialla, Carmen Jr.S-III-B7:30 PM 05/25/2013Bach: Two Part Invention in b minor, BWV 786
Shchukin, KatyaS-III-A7:30 PM 05/25/2013Lukomsky: Etude for the Left Hand
Shen, AlanS-V-A7:30 PM 05/25/2013Khachaturian: Sonatina, III. Allegro Molto
Shen, AmberS-III-B7:30 PM 05/25/2013Telemann: Fantasie in g minor
Shen, HelenS-V-A7:30 PMGold Prize05/25/2013Grieg: Scenes from Carnival
Shu, LauraS-IV-B7:30 PM 05/25/2013 
Tang, BrendanS-IV-A7:30 PM 05/25/2013Bach: Partita No. 2 in c minor, BWV 826
Tang, BriannaYA-V7:30 PM 05/25/2013Kabalevsky: Sonata Opus 46 No. 3
Villasi, WilliamS-II-B7:30 PM 05/25/2013Grieg: Puck Opus 71, No. 3
Wang, JasonS-IV-B7:30 PM 05/25/2013Clementi: Sonata in f-sharp minor, Opus 25, No. 5
Woo, EmilyCW7:30 PM 05/25/2013Haydn: Sonata in D Major Hob. XVI 51, Presto
Xu, AlexandraYA-III7:30 PM 05/25/2013Prokofieff: Tarantella Opus 65, No. 4
Xu, JeffreyS-II-B7:30 PM 05/25/2013Bach: Two Part Invention in F Major
Yang, AllisonS-IV-B7:30 PM 05/25/2013Beethoven: Sonata in c minor Opus 10 No. 1, Allegr
You, JamesYA-III7:30 PM 05/25/2013Kuhlau: Sonatina Opus 20, No. 3 Presto
Yu, TiffanyS-V-A7:30 PM 05/25/2013Schumann: Intermezzo Opus 26, No. 4
Jiang, ConnieYA-IV7:30 PM 05/25/2013Bach: Prelude and Fugue in C-sharp Major WTC Book